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Do you know if you have enough money to retire or will have enough money to retire by the time you reach retirement age? Do you even know at what age you'll be able to retire? Likely, you've already established multiple streams of income for retirement, or you're looking to do so. But how will you manage those streams of income to get the very most out of them?

These are the kinds of questions people ask when they need a retirement specialist in Toronto. In today's world, the only certainty seems to be uncertainty! As the old saying goes, "Tomorrow is never promised!" And this is truer today and applies to our lives in more ways than at any other time in history. With the world economy more sensitive than it has ever been, and with inflation levels higher than ever, the next economic crisis could literally happen any time. Being prepared for the unpredictable isn't just wise advice, it's a must in today's world. Take a lesson from 2008, and be prepared for anything!

How Important is it to Have an Income Retirement Specialist

The social programs that our parents have relied on are in jeopardy today. They're not guaranteed to be here tomorrow, certainly not as we know them. Therefore, relying on pensions and social programs to carry us through the years of retirement simply isn't enough. Today, retirement planners need to think outside the box. To prepare for the uncertain times ahead, you need a retirement specialist in Toronto who understands the complexities of today's financial markets and knows how to help people prepare for uncertain times.

How Can an Income Retirement Specialist Benefit You?

At Buxton Financial, we're not about applying a one-size-fits-all approach to retirement planning. Instead, we take the time to get to know our clients and customize retirement plans according to their needs, goals, and personalities. While we can't give financial advice without knowing a bit about a client first, we can say that, in general, the best way to approach retirement planning is to balance security with risk. This ensures that the client will have something for retirement and gives them an opportunity to earn some gains as well.

Why Choose a Fee-Only Income Retirement Specialist?

You likely have a lawyer, accountant, tax specialist, and other professionals who help you manage your finances. Yet, having a retirement specialist in Toronto gives you a single reliable source to get the information you need about products or services they are offering. At Buxton Financial, we offer fee-only financial services. We can do anything a traditional financial planner could do, except we make our money by charging flat rates rather than earning commissions and fees for selling financial products and referring clients to other professionals. Therefore, you can rely on Buxton Financial for honest, straight-forward retirement advice.

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