Fee-Only Financial Planning means that your Retirement Income Specialist works directly for you, the client. Retirement Income planning covers the unique needs over several decades of your life.

Your Retirement Income Specialist, who is also a CFP® Professional, works to put together a comprehensive plan that meets your specific needs. You will have action steps to share with your other professional advisors (ie. lawyer, accountant, investment advisor, insurance advisor, real estate agent, mortgage agent/broker, banker etc.) If you need a referral to a professional advisor, we are happy to provide.

At Buxton Financial Inc., we offer a complimentary initial consultation to give you the opportunity to meet us.


$3,695 Standard Package

This is the pricing for most Financial Plans for an individual and some couples.

$4,995 and up Complex Package

This is the pricing for most couples and for complex situations that require much more planning and strategizing.

Alternatively, if it is determined in the initial consultation that these packages would not meet your specific needs, we will provide a customized package that will fit your unique situation.

Fee-Only Financial Planning includes:

  • Retirement Income Planning

  • Financial Management

  • Tax Planning

  • Asset Management *

  • Risk Management

  • Estate Planning

  • Business Succession


*Strictly recommendations regarding general asset allocation. Buxton Financial Inc. does not consider the selection of, nor recommend any, individual investments or securities.