Retirement Advisor Toronto

Do you need a retirement advisor in Toronto? Buxton Financial invites you to contact us for a consultation. We provide retirement advice that is customized to the needs of each client we work with. We are fee-only retirement planning firm, meaning that we don't earn our wages from selling costly financial products and services, which often lead to a conflict of interest and cause the financial planner to put their bottom line over the best interests of their clients.

Buxton Financial offers unbiased, uninfluenced retirement advice; that's what you get every time from Buxton Financial! We've helped thousands of people just like you prepare for retirement soundly and the make most out of the resources they possess. We'll help you balance risk with security, manage your portfolio, and help you make the financial choices that are best for your retirement.

How to Choose the Best Retirement Advisor in Toronto

The first step is for us to get to know each other. The more we know about you, your personality, your retirement goals, your needs, and what makes you tick; the better we can provide sound retirement advice to you. No two people are the same, and no two retirement strategies should be the same either!

While we need to know each client to prescribe the best retirement advice for them, there are some general tips for sound retirement planning, such as investing in an account that is tax focused. This always advisable as each retirement account has its own tax laws. For example, some retirement accounts require you to pay taxes upfront while others require you to pay taxes at the time you retire.

Of course, everybody's plan is a bit different, and that is why it is so important to provide customized retirement planning advice.
If you invest in a normal account, your gains are probably going to be eaten up by taxes. You likely want to make a good investment portfolio so that you can have security when you retire and still have enough money to scratch the remaining items off of your bucket list. The problem is that there are so many retirement advisors in Toronto to choose from, each one wants to sell you everything but the kitchen sink and convince you that their services are the best.

Benefits of Fee-Only Retirement Advisor in Toronto

When you seek out an independent advisor with no products of their own to sell you, then you know that they will give you honest advice regarding your retirement planning. Buxton Financial is a fiercely independent retirement advisor firm. We've helped create investment portfolios, analyze risk, and give advice that you can take to the bank (pardon the pun).

We strongly encourage you to consider us for your retirement advisor in Toronto. We'll answer your questions and point you in the right direction. Since we don't earn commissions for our services, it is our goal to provide excellent legal advice.