Retirement Specialist Toronto

It cannot be overstated how important retirement income planning is. It's the decisions we make when we realize that we need to begin planning for the future that will determine how our elderly years are lived out. To ensure that our retirement income planning is done properly, we need to make sure that we partner with the right Toronto retirement income specialist. Buxton Financial invites you to explore our fee-only services, and let us help you prepare for your golden years.

Planning for the Different Phases of Retirement 

True retirement income planning is an ongoing process that takes place over many years. Based on your circumstances, Buxton Financial has three different phases of retirement planning stated as follows:

Restart: Early retirement income plan
This plan is for individuals in early retirement who are still in good health and have lots of energy. Entering the retirement years, it is a period of self-exploration and a new way of life for many. Hence, the title 'Restart' plan.

During the Restart phase of retirement, individuals will have fewer financial needs and a higher tolerance for some risk. When you talk to Buxton Financial, we'll help you determine which phase of retirement planning you're in, and we'll customize a plan just for you.

Relax: Middle retirement income plan
Naturally, we all have things that we want to do in retirement. We work throughout all of our twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties. Many of us dream of traveling and checking those items off of our bucket lists in retirement and most of us will embark on those journeys immediately upon entering retirement.

The Middle retirement plan is for retirees who have enjoyed retirement a bit and are now starting to settle down and enjoy the simpler things in life. They're entering their early to mid-seventies and are turning a new page in their retirement life.

Reflect: Late retirement plan
The Reflect retirement plan is for retirees in their later years. People at this phase of retirement typically have ongoing health care needs. Whether it's help around the house, nursing home, or even help with running basic errands, such as grocery shopping, people in the Reflect phase of retirement often need help getting things done.

Retirees at this point in their lives do a lot of reflecting and consider what kind of legacy they want to leave behind.

As your income needs change through the different phases of retirement, you need a Toronto retirement income specialist you can rely on.

How to Find a Toronto Retirement Income Specialist You Trust

One mistake that individuals planning for retirement often make is assuming that retirement is short-lived when, in fact, retirement usually lasts for decades. Retirement planning is about designing rest of your life

Of course, the sooner an individual starts planning for retirement, the better we can assist them in designing the future they want for themselves. But still, better late than never! With some aggressive planning, we can make up for lost time in retirement planning for people who are starting to plan in their thirties, forties, and even fifties. Give Buxton Financial and call and get started ASAP.